WE LOVE SILK!. . . Wearing silk, silkscreening, dyeing silk, printing on silk, silk ribbon embroidery, sleeping on silk, stamping on silk. . . you name it! If it's fun and it involves silk, we want to try it.

Fun With Silk is an informational website all about silk, so when you click on product buttons you will be directed to another website/shopping cart of the companies that actually sell these products. If you have a great silk-related product, feel free to email us and we will evaluate it for inclusion on this website. You may also submit articles for possible inclusion. Enjoy checking out the information here and we hope you have FUN WITH SILK!

Whether you're looking for the silk dye that strikes instantly and doesn't require heat setting (COLORHUE), a way to print your photos and images on silk using your inkjet printer (V V Prints), silk dyeing tips or just a fun way to experiment with silk, you will find it here.

Products to use with Silk
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Instant-set Silk Dyes
and Silk Scarf Kits
to decorate fabric,
clothing, crafts, more
Photos from Japan
by Takuo Hirata
for printing on fabric
Rubber Stamps
to use on Silk Fabric,
Paper, Crafts & More

Silk Stuff
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Silk Dyeing Kits
Silk scarves, pillows
and COLORHUE dyes
4mm, 7mm & 13mm
Silk Ribbon

won't run, ravel or fray
Chiffon, Habotai & Satin
Fabric Sheets & Rolls

work with inkjet printers
Fun With Silk Kits
Cocoons, rods, hankies
silk/bamboo blend, more

Silk Articles
Tips for Dyeing Silk Scarves


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